Stephen Powers - Westminster, CA



Hey everyone, my name is Steve. I'm from Westminster, CA and I lead worship for the Youth Mass at St. Anne's in Seal Beach. God has made a huge impact on my life through the gift of worship and it is an immense blessing that for the past 12 years, He has given me so many opportunities to give back to Him in that way. Aside from leading worship at Mass, I also lead worship during Adoration nights, and on Confirmation retreats throughout the Diocese of OrangeI don't really have much to promote, other than I hope that God can use these psalms to draw hearts closer to Him in the liturgy. I hope you enjoy, and I hope that it may be useful to you and your ministry. Currently, the Lord has been tugging on my heart to compile all the Responsorial Psalm settings i've compiled over the years into one resource so that worship leaders can have a go to place for responsorials for every Sunday in the liturgical calendar. We'll see where that leads. May the Lord bless you, and your ministry! If you'd like to contact me about music, or anything of the sort, feel, or on Facebook

Next week we've got Thomas Clements giving us the 5th Sunday of Easter - April 24, 2016