Ivory Williams - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Palm Sunday - March 20, 2016 (PS 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24)

Ivory Williams has been singing for mass her whole life. First she sang in the childrens choir, then in the life-teen band and now she leads the music herself and has been for a few years now. She was the music minister at St. James catholic church in Conway, SC, for two years and now leads the music for the spanish mass at St. Andrews catholic church in myrtle beach, SC. Ivory comes from a large Irish-Catholic family who all just so happen to play music too. When the Williams family is all together and there are instruments around, you should probably brace yourself. She is always recording her original music on her own and you can find that on her soundcloud page (www.soundcloud.com/ivorysounds). One of these days she hopes to finally take peoples advice and try to record something professionally and actual do something other than playing for mass.  


Next week we've got Jeremy Mayfield doing Easter Sunday - March 27, 2016