12th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Jeff Hedglen and Co.


12th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Jeff Hedglen and Co.

Jeff Hedglen and UTA Students - Arlington, Texas

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time - PS 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9

I was born in Simi California, but moved to Michigan at age 5 so I do not remember much of my west coast origins. I spent the next eleven years working in the family business, which was cleaning lots of stuff.

In 1981 my life changed forever for two reasons. First, I moved to Texas, where I still live. Second, I discovered that God was not simply watching me from a distance, but that God could be a person in my life. This is called many things by many people: a conversion, the day my personal relationship with Jesus started, the day I was saved… suffice it to say that in December of 1981 my faith life was changed forever and Jesus became the center of my life. Everyday since then has been a struggle to maintain that Center.

1992 was another huge year. I traveled to Germany and met Monika, the woman who would soon become my wife, best friend, greatest support, and the love of my life.

I spent 25 years as the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Fort Worth. Along the way I completed a BA in Sociology from UT Arlington and a MTS in Theology from the University of Dallas. Since January 1 2012 I have been the Catholic Campus Minister at UT Arlington and in December 2014 became the Director of Campus and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Fort Worth.

In addition to these duties I am the Director of Camp Fort Worth (www.campfortworth.org) and I write a column for the North Texas Catholic, the newsmagazine for the Diocese of Fort Worth.

I love the local sports teams and I read and watch crime/drama books, movies and television. I willingly admit that I am a "cat person" I love it when they choose to sit on my lap, which is not as often as I would like. I suppose that may be how God feels about me...

My favorite days are the ones I get home early and get to have a 5 minute or 3 hour conversation with Monika, since 1994 we have yet to run out of things to talk about.

I am a blessed person!

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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Vince Lujan


10th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Vince Lujan

Vince Lujan - Denton, Texas

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 5th, 2016


Vicente (Vince) Lujan is a bilingual liturgical musician and praise and worship leader. He has served as Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas in Pilot Point, as Youth Music Coordinator at St. Monica in Dallas & as Associate Youth Minister at Mary Immaculate in Farmers Branch, Spanish Music Coordinator at St. John the Apostle in Ft. Worth and as Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Michael’s in McKinney, TX. Through his work as a parish youth minister, workshops, presentations, professional musician at live music concerts and liturgies he has invited people to build and cross bridges that span the gap between the English and Spanish speaking communities within the church. Vince attended the University of North Texas where he majored in Jazz Studies and lives with his wife Charity and two daughters Elena & Violet in Denton, TX. He currently leads 2 masses on Saturday and Sunday evenings at St. Thomas Aquinas in Pilot Point, TX. 

What inspires him to keep moving forward? - "In a word…music. In another…songs. To think that simple words and melodies can carry messages that move all of us on an emotional and spiritual level is a powerful force to contend with and one must make himself a servant of the music and decide whether to be an instrument of positivity or negativity. It's this dichotomy that inspires me to seek new heights with my music and discover what I can offer.” 

There has always been music in the Lujan house. As a child, Vince first stumbled upon someone playing guitar at a studio where his mother played piano. Immediately drawn to the instrument, he began taking lessons in classical guitar. After two years, the studio closed and Vince studied on his own, immersing himself in classic rock n' roll, tejano and latin music on the home radio. He listened closely to the styles of Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the early Beatles. He maintained and improved his guitar skills by joining local church choirs. There he also began to develop his own style of vocal improvisation. He joined the band programs in junior high and high school, where he played the trombone. These experiences inspired Vince to form his own music groups, including Dead End Street Music, Natural Wood Finish, and Top Brass. At this time, he also began to compose songs and further develop his singing talent, in addition to learning the harmonica. Playing the trombone and guitar, he participated in jazz ensembles throughout high school and college. By this time, Vince’s guitar influences had changed to blues artisists, and he spent time emulating the styles of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, and most of all, the Dave Matthews Band.



Vince is part of the bilingual music ministry 'Jesus Team A' which was founded by long time friend and songwriting partner Manuel Bravo. Jesus Team A (Jesus Te Ama) - is an energetic bilingual praise and worship band. The group seamlessly blends Spanish and English songs and brings together faith communities from diverse backgrounds. By sharing personal faith journeys and exploring differences in cultural experience, the group is able to unite listeners as the body of Christ. Their message challenges participants to reach beyond personal borders and offer the unconditional acceptance that Christ offers to all of us.

Manuel Bravo and Vince Lujan have been serving as music ministers since they met in 2003 at Immaculate Conception Church in Denton, TX. Over the years they have appeared at countless churches and ministries to play for liturgies of all kinds, retreats, conferences, youth camps, Diocesan World Youth Day events, and have been asked to play for the Catholic Underground in both New York and Los Angeles. They work solo or as a duo or with the full band Jesus Team A, whose mission is to build bridges between different generations, languages, and cultures and encourage others to remember that by listening to each others stories, they encounter the living Christ in each and every one of us.

Look for them on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, etc.

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