Will Hickl


Will Hickl sings to us this week from Sugar Land, Texas. Will's a Texas A&M graduate and a lover of pizza. Will's been leading worship for the last 5 years, and eating pizza for more than that. He's currently in charge of music for the LifeTeen Mass at St. Angela Merici in Missouri City, TX.

Will is currently working on two projects you should check out: NOVUM and Biaeta.

His mission with these two projects is to participate in a new renaissance for our times, as well as contribute quality worship to the Catholic Church.

"If you have a pulse, I encourage you to craft. Anything. Even if the final product isn't 'good enough' to go on a shelf, it's good enough for the Lord." 

And Will delivers - His music is amazing. 
Will, my friend, I want to personally be the first to say: You go girl. 

Will wrote this week's psalm. Checkout the video below and be sure to download the sheet music pdf and rock your congregation with some quality worship this Sunday at a Catholic Church near you. And then, go get his music in iTunes. Actually don't wait. Go get it now. Like right now. I'll wait...