This post is SUPER LATE and I apologize so much for that. This week in The Psalm we've got a good friend of mine, Jake Debolt, arranging Psalm 116 for us! Check him out below and buy his book!

Jake graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelors in Supply Chain Management. NET Missionary for last two years. Write songs and books. Just published first book: The Last Seraphim. It's an epic fantasy having to do with Angels. Official Teaser: When a young theif can't stop the kidnapping of his own sister, he embarks on a quest to save her and take down the evil mastermind behind it all. In the world outside of his home city, he quickly realizes that he is in over his head and will have to rely on more than his own skills to get his sister back and ultimately save the world.

The book is available on Nook, Kindle, and Amazon for a hard copy.