ERIC WILKES (and co.)


Ladies and Gents, Eric Wilkes is such a phenomenal musician and I can't wait for you to get to know him and his music. You might be wondering "Did they shoot that video at a Guitar Center?" or, "Did they steal those instruments?" or perhaps, "Did he just make up that psalm arrangement on the spot?" I could really answer "yes" to all the above, except I don't think they stole the instruments; probably just "borrowed" for a bit. Anyways, I first met Eric at NET music training FIVE YEARS AGO... or Six, gosh I hate math! That blows my mind. Eric was one of the first to show me what real worship with an instrument looked like. I've grown a lot since then and I hope that the Lord continues to bless Eric and the music he puts out. Visit Eric's Website and stay for hours simply to meditate on his beautiful face.


Big thanks to Anthony D'Ambrosio of Crossroads Pursuit for assembling the chord sheet!

My name is Eric Wilkes. I was born and raised in south Louisiana. While I was spared of a thick southern accent, I was not spared from the thick southern musical soul of the south. From a young age I was drawn toward music. I would pick out melodies on my brothers keyboard and would find myself glued to guitars within walking distance. I played on my schools drumline and percussion enembles for six years while also playing drumset and guitar in my spare time at churches and in bands throughout highschool. 

During college, I took two years off to travel the country with NET Ministries and gained invaluable experience with leading others in music (along with giving talks, leading small groups and guiding activities). When I returned home I continued to play at different churches and with different bands as a freelance musician while attending college.

I graduated in 2012 from BRCC (Associates in Liberal Arts w/ Music Concentration) & in 2014 from SELU (Bachelors of General Studies w/ Music & Communication Concentrations). Throughout my college career I was able to not only experience different instutions, cultures and learning styles, but I was also able to acquire the skills I needed in order to continue the pursuit of sharing my gifts with others.

I am currently a full time freelance musician and have been playing throughout the southeastern United States.

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