You guys... this is Ali Hoffman. She's my friend. I have lots of them. On another note, she is a tremendously gifted musician and I'm truly truly grateful to have her as a sister. Many of you might have seen her and her dad lipsing to this song over a snow day here in Texas. Note that the linked video isn't the original because I think the original has 10,000,000+ views (not exaggerating here). 

I've known Ali since 2009 and have cherished getting to know her and her family so much. I literally can't emphasize how much she loves. I mean, the love that she pours out simply radiates to everyone else. I once saw her glowing eyes begin to water up at the sight of a Chipotle restaurant...

We were on the highway driving to a Parish to go lead worship. Out of nowhere Ali opened the door, tuck rolls out and engaged in an all-out sprint to the Chipotle. I peed a little as a result of her sudden movement. I would have been concerned for the lives of the people that were near the front door of the restaurant but I was so surprised at her stealth-mode exit from my car that I abandoned all sense of concern for others and instead was in awe of such human agility. However, upon entering the Chipotle, Ali was not ravenous as expected, but rather waltzed in and greeted everyone in the restaurant with a two-handed-face-clutch-kiss-on-the-forehead while whispering "Chiptole loves you and will always love you" in everyone's ear. 

Again, I would have been alarmed at such insanity until just for a second I let my heart believe her words. From that point on I began to believe. I began to believe in the spirit of Chipotle that Ali had always told me about. While in line she captivated the customers about her knowledge of Chiptole with such prowess. Everyone was in tears. Many were called into deeper love of Chipotle that day. There she baptized 3,000 Taco Bueno devotees with their anointed guacamole. She then ordered and sat down. Yet what happened next still has left me in utter amazement of the mystery of Chipotle. When she sat down to eat, it wasn't Ali that ate the Chiptole food, but twas the Chipotle that consumed her.

Ok, for real now. Here's Ali's Psalm arrangement! All kidding aside, Ali is such a holy woman and I'm so glad to introduce you to one of my very very best friends. Also, check out her bio and other videos below!



“Ali Hoffman has a passion for Jesus, the Catholic church, her family, doughnuts, and Chipotle, in that order. She served with NET Ministries for two years and agrees that those years were the most formative years for her Catholic faith and ultimately, shaped her to the person she is today. Upon graduating from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Catholic Studies and Family Studies, she moved back home to the GREAT state of Texas and is now a co-youth director at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic church in Carrollton, Texas. She also has a passion for people to know their worth, dignity, and that simply, they matter.

Recently, she has been speaking to audiences from 7-1,500 people about the amount of impact we have on each other and how we were created for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14).

She has also been speaking with her father, world-class motivational speaker, Michael Hoffman, on the importance of healthy family relationships. They use humor and authenticity to engage and inspire audiences from all stations in life. 

Ali ultimately wants people to know that they are loved beyond reason and that they have a place in this world. Also, she cannot emphasize enough how much she loves doughnuts.”