Yo, if this is your first time to my page, then I humbly welcome you to this fine establishment. This particular page is dedicated to musicians who are writing psalm arrangements for the Church. Be sure to tune in weekly and possibly send me an email to sign up!

This week we have the amazing Rita West! I've had the pleasure of hearing Rita's music since meting her in 2009 at a musicians training week for NET Ministries. You will seriously love this girl and her music. Let's all play her Psalm arrangement this week at our respective churches! 

I grew up in a big, Catholic family in New Orleans. My childhood is full of memories of singing and dancing around the kitchen or in the car. Singing was always a fun thing to do with my family, but it took a long time for me to embrace it as a gift from God that He wanted me to use for Him. But as I grew up and began to fall in love Christ and my Catholic faith, it became apparent that the Lord was calling me to use the gifts He'd given me for His glory. I began leading worship after I graduated high school while I was serving with NET Ministries and it has been my passion ever since. After finishing with NET, I came home and started leading worship for my church's youth group, and a handful of other churches in the area. And somewhere in the midst of leading worship the Lord sprung up a desire in me to speak, to witness to others of the deep, personal love that God the Father has for each of us. Throughout my college career, I've been blessed and honored to speak and lead worship around the country for retreats, summer camps, nights of worship, and mission trips for middle schools, high schools, and young adults. I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in December 2014 with a degree in Communication and my heart's desire is to use the gifts of music and speaking that God has given me to reach out to His people. At the end of the day, my desire is that people know that they are passionately loved by a God who gave His life to be with us. I've struggled so much throughout my life to really believe that God even cares about me, let alone loves me so passionately. I've experienced the pain and loneliness that sin and loss bring, but more importantly, I've encountered the grace, mercy and love of God the Father. My prayer is that, by sharing the truth and power of God's love and how that has been revealed to us through the Catholic Church, others would be brought into a relationship with the Father, where freedom and healing await us.