I didn't realize that this particular Sunday had not one but TWO psalms to choose from (one for Thursday). I don't know Philip Wiese personally but I can tell you that he's already gone above and beyond by preparing two psalm arrangements for this upcoming Sunday Liturgy/Solemnity. For now, let's rock his psalm arrangements! Also, it's his birthday today so say a prayer for him and his family!

"Found my relationship with God through worship as a teenager. Went to Franciscan University for my undergrad and grad school in Theology, Catechetics:Youth Ministry and MA in Theology and Christian Ministry. Studied undergrad with Edmund Mitchell. Have been in Gulf Shores now for a year as the Director of Youth Ministry building a youth ministry program from the ground up. My wife Jami is the director of music here. We will be putting out our first album hopefully within the next year. I have three boys Simon, Micah, and Issac and a crazy bulldog named Wilbur. I desire to show teens that the beauty of this world rests in God alone."