You guys, I can't wait for you to hear this woman praise the Lord through her music. Ivory found my website a couple of months ago when I made a big push to find musicians. Despite not knowing each other prior to The Psalm I'm ecstatic to have her featured here and to get to know her more. Please please please check out her other psalms she has arranged via her separate Psalm Youtube channel, her personal Youtube channel and her Sound Cloud page. She's the real deal, people. Such a lovely and rich voice with beautiful control. I love playing all of your psalms! Thanks so much, Ivory. You rock! Read her bio below!

P.S. In your tutorial video you said my last name better than I will ever be able to. Mad respect for that.

"Ivory—originally from Atlanta GA, was born into a large musical Irish family that reared her well into the depths of traditional Irish music, dance, and culture.   She is the sister of the great Patches (Patrick Williams) and many other little Irish-Catholic musicians in the making. For the past year she has been working as a liturgical music director for St. James Catholic Church in Conway SC where her uncle Fr. Tim Lijewski is Pastor, and where her brother JP Williams is youth minister. Before she was at St. James, she was living in Mexico doing music ministry with Jésed Ministerio de Música, and teaching music at JésedEM (Ecuela Músical). Apart from leading music for mass, she teaches private piano, guitar, and vocal lessons to kids, writes songs, and hopes to have her first album out sometime soon!"