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Music Services: Mass, Adoration, Youth Group, Retreat, Conference, Prayer Gathering

Instruments: Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Contact: davidmpiccirilli@gmail.com

Travels From: Bel Air

Born and raised in Bel Air, MD, David has been involved in worship since 2010. Growing up, he was always involved at his parish whether it was alter serving, youth group as a teen, a confirmation catechist as a young adult, and eventually on staff for youth ministry. Simultaneously, David served on staff, both volunteer and paid, as a counselor at a Christian camp in Baltimore County for 6 years. There he led worship and camp music for elementary, middle, and high school aged youth. 

During the '14-'15 school year, David served with NET Ministries in Plano, Texas. Through NET, he studied worship and how to lead others into an encounter with the Lord. While on mission, David led prayer meetings for his team daily, worship for the youth group, and parish wide adoration nights. 

Currently David is a student at Franciscan University studying multimedia design under the Mass Communications degree. He is also charged with leading worship on Tuesdays for campus wide Praise and Worship nights.