What’s up! Haven’t been able to source items as much as I’d like but we’ve got a couple more sells!


Remember that Nintendo Wii Bundle I got for $27? Welp it sold last Thursday for $115! I paid $25 in fees/shipping which left $63 in pure profit for the Church.




This Pendleton Hat sold on the same day the Wii did for $30 and after the $7.70 in fees/shipping I brought in $21 of pure profit for the Church. Paid $1.29 for it. As far as rate of interest is concerned this was a homerun.




I made a profit on this one but am kinda kicking myself a little. I didn't plan out my shipping costs and ended pricing this too low to make a decent profit. Anyway, I bout this Pilsner Glass for $0.29, sold for $8, paid $6.50 in fees/shipping which comes out to a whopping $1.21 in profit for the Church! Guess I'll have made someone happy! Lesson learned: factor your shipping before listing!




Here are my new additions to the inventory: 

$3 – Panasonic Microcassette Recorder RN-404 – want $20. 

Found this vintage micro-cassette recorder at an estate sale without any batteries. I figured I'd gamble on $3 bucks. Even if it didn't work I figured I'd get my money back selling it for parts. Took it home, popped some batteries in, and voila! Works like a charm. Ebay has this guy ranging from $15-$30 used. There was a new and unopened one on Ebay that sold yesterday for $125. Seriously nuts. Some people just love vintage electronics. You'll find another one below...

$6 – Vintage Shure Prologue 12H Microphone – want $20. 

Found this mic at the same estate sale. Decided to take another gamble on it as well. I played a worship event in the Dallas Diocese and took it with me to test it out and sure enough it also worked! Quality isn't up to par with the equipment I use now but still another cool vintage electronic find.This guys is ranging on Ebay from around $10-25. 

Old Inventory:

$2 – Foo Fighters T Shirt - want $10

$2 – Hipster T Shirt - want $15

$4 – (4) Nerf Dart Clips - want $13

$4 – Vintage St. Louis Cardinals Sweater - want $50-$75

$13 – Acer x183H 18.5” Monitor - want $50

$4 – Quick-Sorter Royal Sovereign CO-1000 - want $30

$30 – Akai GX-4000D Reel to Reel - want $220

$62 – Yamaha PSR-500 Keyboard - want $140

$6 – N64 console - want $15

$27 – Universal Wringer B381E - want $100



$3 – Rockband Guitar - Sold $34.68 - Profit $21

$8 – Fast Sort Change Sorter FS-3D - Sold $63.59 - Profit $40

$5 – Nerf Stryfe - Sold $27 - Profit $12

$5 – Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 - Sold $50 - Profit $25

$27 – Wii Bundle – Sold $115 - Profit $63

$0.29 – Iowa Hawkeyes Beer Glass – Sold $8 - Profit $1.21

$1 – Pendleton Hat – Sold $30 - Profit $21

 I've sold 7 items out of my current 19 item inventory. Out of those 7 items I spent $54.60 of my own money and grossed $361.93 from the 7 items. The fees for the items added up to $96.7. And I payed myself back $54.60 which has netted the church $182.

In total I've put up $220.60 of my own money.

Completed Listings: (7 of 19)

Current Profits to go to the Church:

$182 of pure profit (after fees, shipping, and reimbursing myself with the capitol I put up to buy the item)

I think it's also important to share with you that some of these items that I'm buying during Lent this year I normally wouldn't be buying to make a profit. But since ALL profits are going to the church I've loosened my wallet a little because any profit is profit, right? Thanks for reading. Peace out, homies!