Hi! If you're checking this out for the first time, I'm flipping for Lent and donating all of my profits to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Start from my first post to get the full story!

Sorry for the long absence. I'm expecting a baby any moment now and haven't been out sourcing inventory in a while. My LentFlip experience has truly shown that it takes time for things to sell. Fortunately I'm glad to report that the current profits for the Church have more than doubled, nay, tripled since my last post. This will probably be my last LentFlip post. I don't foresee anymore sales during the Triduum so I'll just share the completed profits! Fear not, I'll more than likely keep flipping and sharing only the best flips I make!

In total I sold 22 items for a profit total of $919! Note the picture below to see my Google Sheet and check out how much I grossed, paid in fees, paid for shipping, and netted. 

***I kid you not, as I was typing this out I got this alert on my phone saying that I sold a textbook which meant I had to retype the final totals. (sorry it's not on the Google Sheet... I'm lazy)

Here are the new totals:

Capital: $246.08

GROSS: $1,514.58

Seller Fees: $157.9

Shipping: $170.23


 Quick Sorter, Radio Shack Stress Eliminator, Adobe Creative Solutions 2, Panasonic Cassette Recorder, and the Nyko Frontman Guitar at the post office, ready to be shipped out! (shipped the N64 that morning before these other items sold).

Quick Sorter, Radio Shack Stress Eliminator, Adobe Creative Solutions 2, Panasonic Cassette Recorder, and the Nyko Frontman Guitar at the post office, ready to be shipped out! (shipped the N64 that morning before these other items sold).

As you can see in the screen shot and the packaged items, March 25 was a damn good day. I've never had 6 items sell in my Ebay store in one day! The Life of John Taylor book was actually sold outside of Ebay, that's why I didn't enter in any fees/shipping.

I've still got 22 other items that cost me $92 to obtain, but I'm expecting around $450 profit after seller fees. Again, these items that I'll continue to sell after Easter will still be added to the final amount of profits going to St. Francis Catholic Church.


Here are a few items that sold!

I'll start with the  Human Development 6th Edition Textbook because it just sold not 5 minutes ago. I bought it for $0.50 at Goodwill and profited $73.80 after fees and shipping. THAT IS A 14,600% PROFIT. This was not a homerun but rather a Grand Slam and a great way to close out our LentFlip 2015 adventure.

Remember that Sony Handycam Camcorder and Tripod that I bought at that garage sale? I had had it up on Ebay in a bundle for $200/Make an Offer for about 2 weeks with no bites. So I decided that I should just separate the bundle. I figured whoever needed the Tripod already had the Camera or at least one that's compatible with the Tripod. I split up the listings and put them each at $100/Make an Offer + calculated shipping. The tripod sold for $111.30 within 3 hours of re-listing and they didn't even make an offer. The Camcorder sold for $112.15 four days later. With the camcorder, the buyer offered me $90 and I accepted. The reason why it came out to $112 is because the shipment was going to California. Anyway, got the price that I wanted for both items; just needed to split up the listing.

By far the coolest flip I've made this Lent was the 1st Edition Life of John Taylor, and I didn't sell it on Ebay. Turns out a friend from high school saw my LentFlip post #5 and inquired about it. Long story short she acted as the middle-woman between me and her dad, who is a Mormon book collector. I sent her a bunch of pictures of the book and told her that since her dad specifically collected these kinds of books that I'd respect any offer he gave me; and I truly meant any offer. He offered me $300 for it via online communication, but I didn't want him to send money until I could deliver it to him and he could inspect it here in the DFW area. We arranged a time to meet at his house pretty late one night last week. I went to his house and stayed at least 1.5 hours checking out his book collection. I won't reveal his name or location given that his collection is massive and cost a pretty penny. It was a great experience and I met lovely people as well. He insisted on paying $300 for it despite already having a better copy of it in his beautiful collection.

Well, it's been fun. Learned a lot about different items, met some awesome people, got me some good Ebay feedback, and most importantly I earned $919 in addition to my normal tithing this Lent. Subscribe and contact me if you'd like some help/advice selling something on Ebay. I consider myself an amateur but I'd love to help If I can! I pray you all have a blessed Triduum! Peace.

P.S. Please pray for Emily and I as we are expecting this baby to come soon! Thanks!