***Hey folks, this week will be a little different! Here at Sunday Psalm we love supporting musicians and we have the opportunity to do something a little different. Jeremy has written music and consulted for Sunday Psalm since the beginning and I saw an opportunity to support him. For this week only the psalm will be for purchase through Jeremy's website. Sunday Psalm is not an affiliate nor do we collect any royalty as a result. Thanks and God Bless!***

Who is Jeremy Mayfield?  Some say he’s the cultivator of mankind's thickest beard.  Some say he’s the co-creator of the world’s cutest children.  Others say they’ve spotted him playing various instruments in various genres with various musical artists in various times & locations around the country (Note: Please pray for him, as he’s been in and out of rehab dealing with his addiction to the word ‘various’).  There have even been eye-witness reports of the man holing himself up in his basement studio and creating music for weeks at a time without sleeping or eating.  What are we to make of these fantastical claims?  Does this man even exist?  Is he a mythical creature, a living legend, or something in between?  *eery, ethereal music plays in background*

The truth lies hidden somewhere amidst the overly dramatic paragraph above.  Jeremy is a Nashville-based freelance musician, which basically means he walks the fine line between musicality and madness.  He spent the past year playing at local churches and studios and touring with artists like Big Daddy Weave, Sidewalk Prophets, Sarah Kroger, Jordy Searcy, Jordan Feliz, and Plumb, among others.  He wears many hats (on his bald head), including composer/arranger/session player/songwriter/live musician/producer.  These days he also picks up various (there’s that word again) strangers around Nashville and takes them where they need to go (he’s an Uber/Lyft driver).  Jeremy enjoys helping take people where need to go musically, as well, so give him a holler if you are in need of music production and/or a music video filming location, and he can hook you up at his production studio, Red October.

If you wanna check out more of Jeremy’s responsorial psalm arrangements, then go to singapsalm.com to watch/listen/download resources. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to see/hear his latest A/V endeavors.  He works with a fantastic community of Christian artists as part of the Garden City Project  so head over there and explore what they’ve got going on sometime.  Also, if you haven’t experienced The Wild Goose online series by Fr. Dave Pivonka/4PM Media (Jeremy composed the soundtrack), then drop what you’re doing — unless you’re holding a baby, of course — and go watch it immediately.